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Cadaver Lab

We believe hands-on experience and one-on-one mentorship are the best teachers.  

This world-renowned Cadaver training model and award-winning faculty mentors  set Paragon apart from all other EMS education providers.  In partnership with NWA's ED Physicians we are able to offer 6 full 3.5hr sessions at a cost of only $150 per person!  The 3rd & 6th session is catered more towards the critical care provider. Registration and session selection available with conference ticket add-on. These sessions will fill up fast and are on a first come basis. All levels allowed. There are 3 sessions on March 14 & 15th. 

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K9 Medic:  Paramedicine/Advanced Handlers

 What are you going to do when tragedy strikes, Veterinary care is hours away, and a Canine Officer is down? For 20 years the K9 MEDIC training program has provided K9 Handlers, Medics, Tactical Medics and other support members with the skills needed to prevent and treat injuries and illness in working dogs. Our ultimate goal is that all Working K9s have access to the same medical skills as their human counterpart. This intensive, hands-on course is designed to convert existing human skills to canine patients for paramedics or  "Advanced Scope" for handlers and responders. Skills include, CPR, bleeding control, wound packing, intubation, chest decompression, fluid administration, narcotic ingestion, heat stroke, medical/trauma scenarios, and more,... on high fidelity, live and cadaver dogs (supply dependent). Limited spots available so early registration is highly recommended. Registration through Conference Ticket-add on. This two day Intensive Certification costs $600 plus tax. Dates are March 13 & 14, 10 hours/day. Partnered with the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center of NWA for a comprehensive, high instructor/student ratio to get personal 1:1 practice.

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Arkansas Resuscitation Academy

The Arkansas Resuscitation Academy is a single day course dedicated to improving survival rates of patients suffering out of hospital cardiac arrest, and is suitable for EMS Medical Directors, Administration, Supervisors, Educators and EMS personnel of all levels. Based on the curriculum of the world-renowned Resuscitation Academy in Seattle WA, the Arkansas RA is sponsored by the Arkansas Chapter of The National Association of EMS Physicians and is no additional cost to attendees of the conference. Registration is extremely limited, early registration encouraged.  Registration through Conference ticket add-on. Course is March 13, 8-5

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Pittman Course

Critical Care Review Course

This two-day, 20-hour course, developed by the late Corey Pittman, is designed to assist students preparing for their FP-C® and CCP-C® examinations, and as a review for current FP-C®/CCP-C® certification holders. It's an excellent introduction to critical care for RNs and Paramedics, especially those interested in a flight career.  Registration with below link. The course is $350 paid direct to IAFCCP. Course is March 13 & 14, 0700-1800


Advanced Burn Life Support

Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) programs, provide knowledge for immediate care of the burn patient up to the first 24 hours post-injury. ABLS programs also support emergency and mass casualty preparedness focusing on triage, burn survivability, patient transportation, and patient treatment. ABLS is relevant to a wide range of professionals who treat individuals with burn injuries including first responders, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians.

Upon successful completion, all providers will receive a certificate of completion

(renewable after 4 years). Physicians and nurses are also eligible for continuing education credit. This course is fully sponsored by ACH and Mercy Springfield Burn Centers and is no cost to the student. Registration through conference ticket add-on. Limited space available.  Course is March 13, 0800-1700

 Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Course (SUIDI)
8 hours CLEST 


The Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Course (SUIDI) is an in depth look at the investigation process beginning from the earliest onset from the time found until released for disposition.  This course looks at every agency and their responsibilities and actions during such investigations including dispatch, EMS and extending through the autopsy procedure and the team it takes to determine a cause and manner of death.   We will take a look at interviewing psychology, infant growth and development, differentiating the types of SUID as well as the scene investigations along with various breakout scenarios introducing the doll re-enactment segment of SUID.   The session begins understanding that SUID TAKES A TEAM and you are a vital part of the team! This course is free to participants with conference registration, courtesy of ICDR. Registration through add-on ticket.  March 13.


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